Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Evaluation - Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Below is a much more detailed audience profile to remind you of my ideal target audience member. With this audience member in mind, I began to collate ideas for the narrative of my music video. Before beginning the physical planning process I wanted to guarantee that my initial ideas would engage and interest my audience. I created a general music video/industry poll on survey monkey so I could find out directly from my audience what they would expect and desire in a music video. This is what I


Below are pictures of my ideal target audience member:

After researching the various audience types that exist I had delevoped my understanding of my target audience and what they require from producers. Below I have distinguished my idyllic audience member and through an interview with her I have created a profile detailing facts about her. At the very bottom of the page I have also created an audience style profile to give an idea of how my target audience members dress and what retail stores they buy their clothes from, this then gives me a sense of insight into how I was going to dress my artist.

My artists target audience is indie or indie-pop lovers aged between 16- 25 of the female sex as most females can relate to the video because the video is a bildungsroman of my artist as she is reflecting on the troubles from her past, that resulted in her being the successful artist she is today. The music video is unique from the regular music video, it will get the audience thinking and will allow them to interpret their own story into it. This idea kept coming up in the focus group I had about my video, one member said "I felt that the narrative was really personal, which kind of created an affinity between myself and the artist as I felt a bond between us because it was like she was confiding with me through the telling of her life story, the ups and the downs."

When asked how it could be improved I was told to "scrap the the 'Bad TV' effect" that I had at the beginning because "it looks really amateur." I was also told to remove some of the reappeared footage as it disengaged my audience because they found it too repetitive and din't see the point of it being repeated. Taking this feedback on board, I then removed the effect and the footage and chose to replace it with, edited, unused footage as I was advised that the cinematic effect on it was really effective in engaging my audience, therefore it was appropriate to use it at the start of my video in order to engage the audience straight away.

Throughout this process, I have received plenty of peer/audience feedback in an effort to improve my end product. I think by using this feedback at my disposer and acting upon it, whilst still keeping to the core ideas of my ideas, has made my products a success. I received feedback on my magazine advert, digipak and music video and as you'll see from the difference between my first few drafts and my final products I have taken then on board and adapted my work accordingly. Here is some of the feedback I received during the creation of each task:

This particular comment was in regards to the the magazine advert. I was then able to adapt my magazine advert bearing her feedback in mind, in order to make the record company's logo ore visible, as this would be crucicial and I wanted to make it look as professional as possible.

In regards to the second draft of my music video, the comments I received were fairly positive:


Below is a video of the feedback I received from my pitch

From reading this comments, I was delighted to hear that these viewers were able to unpick my narrative and although my target audience is mostly female, I was happy to hear that Vishal (a male fan of Lana Del Rey) also received some sort of gratification from my video.

Below is a video from an audience member answering a few questions about my video after I had added the corrections suggested above and what she got from it:


Making these adjustments gave me a promotional package (music video, digipak and a magazine advert) that I could be proud of. I really hope that viewers within and outside of my target audience will enjoy and be gratified by my work.

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